See you soon!

Lights On takes a break

See you soon!

Hi everybody, today is going to be a short one.

I hope that over the past few months you enjoyed reading the newsletter as much as I enjoyed writing it every week.

Apologies to the readers who were (rightly) expecting a story today, there has been a slight change of plan and I am starting my post-lockdown break one week in advance.


This place will be my first stop: can you tell what and where it is?

I am going to be travelling to the hills (still can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that the mighty Himalayas are so often referred to as ‘the hills’, like some sleepy destination for a family getaway). Don’t worry, I will maintain social distance and wear a mask at all times.

Lights On will be back on October 1 with fresh energy and some professional news that I can’t disclose yet. Meanwhile, if you want to keep up with my whereabouts you can follow me on Twitter at @loudelbello or @LightsOn_India

See you all soon!